Da Teh flying site is being invested by South Traveling Trading Services Joint Stock Company (South TTS JSC) with the support and attention from local authorities at Lam Dong province

We desire to become a professional flying site in the South, develope the paragliding in Vietnam, and continue to popularize " travel above the sky" to those who love the thrills and spills, novelties and fresh.

We always welcome the visitors around the world, as well as the local and international pilots who wish to have the experience on the blue sky above the highland, enjoy the cool air and colorful scenery of Da Teh lake.

For those who want to "travel above the sky", we will provide the most professional service, ensuring maximum safety with full equipment and accident insurance.

For pilots over the world, we will support our best to make every moment above the sky will be the most wonderful experience in Vietnam.



DA TEH Flying site


Da Teh flying site is located at My Duc commune, Da Teh District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Takeoff coordinates: 11 ° 36’6 ”N, 107 ° 33’7” E

Takeoff height: 620m

Landing zone coordinates: 11 ° 35’47N, 107 ° 32’15 ”E

Landing zone: 180m

Main wind direction: Southwest, South

Da Teh district is in the border between Di Linh highland and the Southeast region. The North borders on Cat Tien and Bao Lam District. The South borders on Da Huoai district. The West borders on Cat Tien and Tan Phu District (Dong Nai province). The East borders on Bao Lam District.

Da Teh flying site is located on Loc Bac pass or Con O pass, links My Duc Commune (Da Teh) and Loc Bac Commune (Bao Lam). The main wind direction of the takeoff site is the Southwest and the South. This site is located in the middle of a large range of Da Teh valley which length is over dozens of kilometers with many low hills connecting each other. Covered by the Di Linh and Bao Loc highland in the east, Da Teh has a continuous flight season throughout the year (except for raining seaon in June and July; as well as the northeastern cold wind in December and January).


Flying site regulation

Takeoff zone of Da Teh flying site is owned by South Traveling Trading Services Joint Stock Company (South TTS JSC). And landing zone is also under the management of our company.

Da Teh flying site is only authorized for paragliding and paramotor; other sports are not allowed at the time.

If there has any request for paragliding activities at the Dateh flying site, please inform the person in charge of flight notification – Mr. Pham Ngoc Thinh before 13:00 in the previous day to be arranged or send him the message at phone number +84966 398 303

After getting the confirmation from Mr. Thinh, the pilot's flight notification will be valid. We appreciate for your kind cooperation with our company.

Paragliding pilots at Da Teh flying site are required to meet the standard following safety guidelines:

  1. Fully equipped glider and personal safety devices: glider, rescue parachutes are periodically inspected for quality, specialized helmets, walkie-talkie, vario, and accident insurance for extremely sport such as Paragliding.
  2. Solo pilots are required to have one of the following conditions:
  • IPPI 3 or equivalent
  • At least 1 over 20km tracklog
  • The pilot is recommended by the coach or his / her affiliated club.
  1. Newbie pilots are only allowed to fly under the guidance of the coach.

Da Teh flying site opens for all pilots coming to practice, contribute to the development of the paragliding and combine to develop the local tourism.